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Services Description Moving Goods Services


Trans Engineering Sentosa Serves moving houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, goods, between Sumatra. With our experienced workforce, we really guarantee that your luggage remains in good condition and safe until it reaches its destination and of course we are willing to serve you at any time at a cost or rate that is still affordable for you without compromising the quality of our services.

How much is the fee for moving services at Pt. Trans Engineering Sentosa ?

To calculate the shipping fee for this service, you can call the number listed or by clicking the WA icon in the right corner

Why Should you use the services Pt.Trans Engineering Sentosa?

1. We serve to pick up the goods at the sender's location and deliver the goods to the destination (door to door)

2. Delivery in large quantities at competitive prices and of course negotiable according to the agreement

3. Fast delivery with maximum service

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